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Construction Plans


Our unique technology utilizing sun solar energy and natural temperature differences by adapting its U-value and SHGC to real time climate changing. Todays conventional buildings do not actively interact with the environment which make them extremely inefficient in warming and cooling spaces and one of the major causes of global warming. The proposed building shell will react to changing weather conditions and will be controlled automatically by a smart built-in AI microprocessor.



Commercialization strategy relies upon initial proof-of-concept, building a value proposition to inhabitants and building entrepreneurs, and starting a cooperation with a major local entrepreneurs for creating an alliance.

The company is actively looking for potential partners to cooperate on this exciting project. Our technology promises to be disruptive, both in solar harvesting to yield up to 50% efficacy (heat & electricity) and increasing the well-being of in habitants, while saving substantial CO2 gasses footprint and minimizng electricity bills.



Innovation lies in offering a new kind of curtain wall or roof element, with built-in solar panel or heat absorbing layer that will replace existing curtain wall technologies of high-rise buildings. The adaptive curtain wall values will be controlled by a built-in micro-controller which automatically will change the curtain wall's U-value and SHGS within a hermetically sealed curtain-wall. The technology is proprietary and patent-protected.

Glass Buildings


Adapting new façade technologies into a building is a promising area which will increase sustainability and well-being of inhabitants. Our technology appropriately called "SKY-WALLS" will be a part of the building's façade, transforming the façade into a climate-adaptive skin-like building envelope. This climate-adaptive shell will save energy, reduce the carbon footprint and will have a very attractive ROI.



Image by Giorgio Trovato

Awarded Governmental Energy Department support for Innovative Start-Ups

Energy Efficient Adaptive Facade - 15/12/2020



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